The red bunkhouse has housed the ranch workers for over eighty years. Early California bungalow style, it has a welcoming appearance, backing up to wild pear trees and willows on the creek.

Bunkhouse projects include replacing the foundation, re-align the back porch, re-roof, replace doors and windows, and re-painting the house in its historic color.

The bunkhouse is an example of early California ranch buildings, and we are proud to maintain, preserve and protect this historic western building, as it continues to serve its original purpose, housing the ranch foreman and his family.

The Lopes house was built in 1935, the home of dairyman Manuel Lopes, his wife Laura and their five children. The house and the barns at Miwok Stables are historically important as they comprise one of the only two remaining Portuguese dairies which were numerous in Southern Marin from 1885 to 1960.

Red Bunk House

Red Bunk House


Lopes House Before


Lopes House After