barn_rebarnhoistIn addition to providing riding programs, the Center must restore the hundred-year-old barns and grounds of Miwok Stables, to preserve the integrity and environmental sustainability of this historic ranch.

These barns and houses were part of the dairy built by Portugese families who settled here from the Azores in 1878. All restoration and improvement projects are undertaken in parnership with the National Park Service.

Major Projects

Projects for 2016-2018

We will soon begin making changes to some of the oldest structures. For example, ranchers decades ago built this ranch near the creek to make use of the water, but today, NPS conservation measures require a fifty-foot setback from creeks to prevent contamination from animals, vehicles and toxic materials. To do that, we will close the 8-horse barn on the bank of our creek.

Then, a domino effect begins to roll: those eight stalls must be replaced by building eight new stalls in the hay barn. Then, the hay previously stored there will get a new barn, and we will build a motor shed to house the vehicle that had been parked in the old barn. These projects help us meet the National Park requirements for our lease, and our mission to preserve and protect this priceless historic facility.

Main Barn Render

Proposed new barn, with interior stalls to replace old stalls which were too near the creek.

Main Barn Interior

New barn interior which will also include ADA access to the indoor arena viewing area.

Hay Barn

New hay shed, for the hay previously stored in the main barn.